12 Examples Of Turning eWaste Into Artwork

While turning eWaste into artwork might not be the most efficient way to recycle computers and electronics, it’s certainly very interesting to see what these amazing artists can create with all kinds of old electronics and ewaste.


Mobile Phones Sculpture

This huge piece of art is created with mobile phones and cables and looks like some sort of strange alien landscape, the floor is a sweeping sea of cords and cables and mobile phones have formed into giant alien mountains.



eWaste Darth Vader

I love this ewaste version of Darth Vader it looks so cool, its made from old telephone parts and other bits of electronic waste and then mounted onto a base, creating a fantastic looking statue that is totally unique.


eWaste C3po Version One

This ewaste version of star wars characters c3po looks awesome, it’s made from old computer ram, speakers and light bulbs and other random bits of of an old computer. A great example of how ewaste can be turned into art work and live a second life.


eWaste C3po Version Two

Here is another piece of artwork made with ewaste featuring star wars character c3po, this version is called c3po woody and looks like a museum quality piece of art.


eWaste Optimus Prime

Transformers fans will love this one, it’s an ewaste version of Optimus prime made out of old random bits of electronics. eWaste could be the perfect material to make different types of transformers and robots from and this example provides some great inspiration.


Sim City Of eWaste

Sim city fans might like this piece of ewaste artwork, it’s a complete city made out of old computer parts. You can see buildings, road s and other city landscape features, it’s like a giant lego set but made out of old electronics.


Mount Rushmore eWaste Sculpture

This amazing looking ewaste sculpture features four different faces made out of old recycled computers, it’s quite large and would have taken a very long time to create this one.


Alien Ninja Sculpture

This amazing looking ninja alien sculpture is made out of a mix of electronic waste, old motor cycle chains and other scrap metal. It looks fairly dangerous and is life size, those swords also look pretty sharp!


eWaste Coffee Table

This could be the ideal solution for all those old computer parts you have lying around, is by turning them into a coffee table. With a bit of glass and some metal stands this one of a kind coffee table is sure to impress visitors.


eWaste Butterfly

This amazing looking butterfly is created from a few small bits and is a great example of different electronic insects that could exist in real life, although this one here is only a model and does not actually fly, but who knows what could be possible with designs like this.


Electronic Waste Spacecraft

Not sure what this is supposed to be, but to me it looks like some sort of electronic waste space craft, built out of old tv’s and washing machines and tied together word cords. Or perhaps it could be some sort of ewaste monster that is ready to take over the world, who knows but it looks very cool.


Spider City eWaste Artwork

A giant spider has put it’s web across the city in this ewaste artwork piece, it’s made from old computer parts and wiring, the spider looks fantastic and it’s an interesting and unique idea.


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